Cocktail Menu – Silver

Combining personalized food and cocktail menus with exquisite presentation.

Welcome Drinks

Prosecco (with strawberries or creme de cassis) / Non-alcohol punch/ouzo liqueur

Cold Plates

Vegetables Skewers with Mint flavored Yogurt Dip
Octopus & Capers Crostini with Santorini Fava
Melon with Myconos Louza & Mastic
Greek Virgin Mary Shots (Tomato Gazpacho)
Duck Confit with Green Apples & Mushrooms

Hot Plates

Mini Pork Skewers with Sweet-sour Sauce
Vegie Avocado Tortilla with Spicy Mayo
Fish & Chips
Goat Cheese on Crispy Croutons with Asparagus and Sauce of Smoked Bacon


Yoghurt Mousse with Cardamom and Eggplant Spoon Sweet
Mama’s Apple Pie
Marinated strawberries with Caramelized Pistachio & Lime

Exquiste Mykonos

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