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A wedding celebration like no other!

5 little tips to inspire you and make your preparations a bit easier. So, get a pen and a paper!

Find a local Concierge/ Planner

We know that you are more familiar and probably feel better in hiring someone from your own hometown, but trust us when we say that working with a local planner or at least adding one to help, is a necessity when it comes to destination weddings.

Your local collaborator will be able to offer better rates on services and providers, suggest useful tips and secrets, advise you on the local trends and most important handle effectively every last minute demand or misfortune that might occur. The fact is that wherever you go a local is always handy, it is the person that knows how to move around in a destination that you have no idea about, so why not let him do the all the hard work for your wedding celebration and you just stay relaxed.

Create Personalized Themes

Let the wedding day be an ode to the present and dedicate your after wedding party to the future and your shared dreams. Does it sound interesting? It can become more than that as long as you add your own personality.

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Make use of the Destination

There is no meaning in having a destination wedding if you don’t add to the experience some of the details that make the location so special. Make use of the beach on Mykonos, or even better, arrange for an on-board party and sail around it. Don’t miss the chance to include local traditions or even music and definitely take advantage of the natural environment. If for example your location is famous for its breathtaking sunset, build your event around it and let it be the perfect background to your wedding celebration.

Stay in the moment

Keep in mind that no good memory includes stress and that the reason  you are planning this entire wedding celebration is to celebrate, so please do. Leave the details to the professionals and allow yourself to live the moment. If nothing else a destination wedding is an opportunity to also have some vacation, get away with your most loved people and enjoy the natural setting. Laugh, relax and take some mental pictures. You are starting your new life’s journey with a travel, what could be more inspiring than that?


From designing a lavish reception, to a themed wedding party or close family celebration, the team of Exquisite Catering will help you create the ideal setting for your special moments.


24 hours in Mykonos: a tale of aromas and tastes

Part of the Cyclades, a close knitted group of islands in the Aegean, Mykonos is fairly small in its size, with a big reputation. It is a truly cosmopolitan island and a favourite summer destination for the international jet-setters, with a variety of avant garde options, culinary-wise with high-end restaurants and an endless list of ethnic cuisines. There is however, another less known side to this island, one full of flavor and tradition that is worth to discovering.

On its otherwise barren grounds, one can find unique raw materials and traditional dishes full of aromas and sea flavour. In our short trip, we are going to wander around sights and flavours in order to discover the true essence of Mykonos. Based on the Mediterranean diet principles, the locals used humble ingredients to create their unique traditional recipes, with wild greens, vegetables and even more frequently fish.

Exquiste Mykonos

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