24 hours in Mykonos: a tale of aromas and tastes

Part of the Cyclades, a close knitted group of islands in the Aegean, Mykonos is fairly small in its size, with a big reputation. It is a truly cosmopolitan island and a favourite summer destination for the international jet-setters, with a variety of avant garde options, culinary-wise with high-end restaurants and an endless list of ethnic cuisines. There is however, another less known side to this island, one full of flavor and tradition that is worth to discovering.

On its otherwise barren grounds, one can find unique raw materials and traditional dishes full of aromas and sea flavour. In our short trip, we are going to wander around sights and flavours in order to discover the true essence of Mykonos. Based on the Mediterranean diet principles, the locals used humble ingredients to create their unique traditional recipes, with wild greens, vegetables and even more frequently fish.

Morning colours -summer flavours

Start off early by arriving in the port of Mykonos, by walking through the streets of Yialos (old port) to find your way to a Greek-style breakfast, with fresh fruit and the must- try goat dairy. Either in the form of refreshing smoothies or eye-pleasing fresh fruit displays, this is the time to taste some of the most delicious melons, grapes and watermelons ever!
Embrace the stunning setting and feel as a local as you walk through the famous pebble-stoned narrow streets and gaze at the colour antithesis of the white-washed walls with the fuchsia bougainvillea flowers and the blue windows creating some really instagram-worthy memories!

Cruising to Delos

No trip to Mykonos is complete without visiting nearby island of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage site to experience its unique spiritual energy and vibes, in a short cruise. To complete the experience and take it to the next level, you can have have an on-board picnic with quick and light finger food bites of Mykonian Mostra (barley rusks) with kopanisti or “xinotiri” cheese, tomatoes, capers and local cheese assortments. After a few hours on the cruise, you must be surely eager to go for a swim! Apart from the most touristy beaches like Psarou, Mykonos has to offer secluded beach sides or raw beauty, with Ayia Anna being our tranquil paradise of choice (and Nesaea being your go-to option for high-end Aegean island cuisine!)

Lunch time

Greeks typically have their lunch, way later than most other cultures, a habit which leaves plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing! In order for your experience to be complete, lunch must without a doubt be accompanied by a stunning view. Hearty meals by the beach with a sea view “on the side” and a whole lot of greek philoxenia are what you came for. Red mullet (greeks call it “barbouni” because of its uncle-like mustache), octopus, crabs, urchins with treasures from the Aegean Sea in various combinations or as an appetizer (meze) are some must-try options when in Mykonos. Dessert calls for traditional greek style delicacies, such as baklavas, galaktompoureko and local yogurt with sweet “spoon sweet” preserves to leave you metaphorically and literally with a sweet taste in your mouth. Rest assured, that vegeterians will find their own dietary paradise since the island is rich in vegetable production and full of creative chefs ready to use these ingredients to create the most imaginative dishes.

An Exquisite ending!

By now your senses should be pleased, as you have seen, felt and tasted the island but what would be a visit in Mykonos without some shopping. In the streets of Mykonos Chora, you will find a variety of shops that would make many commercial streets blush away; from artsy boutiques, to handcrafted sandals and jewellery to international household brands you can shop until the evening or late night- for the brave ones! For the closing of a full day, Alefkandra is the place to be and the Mykonian sunset is the ideal romantic background. With an amazing view of the windmills and a summery cocktail on your hand, you can enjoy the view of the sun setting behind Dilos, while watching the sky change endless shades. This is what we would call an exquisite day!

Exquiste Mykonos

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