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A theme could be characterized as the heart of an event and in the hands of experts can transform it into a magical experience. The perfect theme should reflect your personal preferences, incorporate elements of your own character and ideally match the setting of your choice. And if that setting is Mykonos, then we have some ideas for you that will help you dress it in “total Greek”.


One of the good things in choosing a country full of history, culture and color to host your event is that you have a variety of alternatives to turn to for inspiration when it comes to decorations and Greece is no exception to that.

Match your Colors

Surrounded by the deepest blue of the sea and build with whitewashed houses that reflect the sun light, Mykonos has an impeccable style and a minimalistic, 2 color based aesthetic that is actually quite easy to match. Use white as a base and dress it with deep blue details on the table decorations, main pieces, china and why not food, or go the other way around for a more “starry night result”. For fashion lovers, a good option is to also use this palette to set a dressing code and in a way create a total look.

Bring the past to life

It is said that the sense of smell is the one that most easily evokes memories so why not use this, to create a night “you will never forget”? Blessed with aromatic herbs, trees and seasonal fruits that carry inside them all the essence of their time and origin, Greece is full of flavors and aromas waiting for its guests to embrace them. Fresh fruits with their lively colors can turn to fantastic center pieces, or if you go a step further you can set the tone by using only one item in its full properties (essence, taste, color).

Add a local tradition

Whether you planning a cocktail party or celebrating your wedding day, adding a local element will definitely add an extra sparkle to the event and take your experience to the next level.

Shall we dance?

In a country famous for its lively character what better way to feel the vibe than to introduce yourself to traditional Greek entertainment. Arrange for some live music and dancers and let the sound and tempo lure you.

On a special day

In the occasion that you are hosting your wedding, don’t miss the chance to embrace one of the many Greek traditions that will definitely spice up your day. In this country the bride and groom are recognized as the queen and king of the day and therefore during the ceremony they wear crowns made of either gold or blossoms that are connected with a ribbon to signify the union. And if you really want to feel the star of the day you can arrange for local musicians escorting the bride to the church while playing festive traditional wedding songs. The village residents will actually gather outside their homes in order to admire the beautiful bride walking and share their warmest and most heartfelt wishes with her.

Taste the destination

In Greek culture large variety of food items symbolize prosperity and is the prosperous marriage, so dig in and treat your guests with grand doses of Mediterranean taste. Iconic traditional dishes like Gemista and Pastitsio will delight even the most demanding of your guests while the unfamiliar flavors will definitely add to their experience. In Exquisite Catering we offer a wide range of Greek menus for any kind of setting (sitting, standing or buffet) while for a more original feeling, our suggestion is to build individually decorated buffets with live cooking, that will create a vibrant “Market Place” atmosphere.

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